I’m Back!!

Hi my lovely Be Healthy Mami readers!

I’ve been MIA since I completed Yoga Teacher Training last June. I’ve working hard at managing motherhood, marriage, maintaining the house above water, house training our new puppy and you know: all the fun things that come with being an ADULT. It’s truly exhausting but beautiful.

The real reason why I neglected this blog for past year, was because I wasn’t sure how to incorporate all the things that are important in my life into this “healthy” lifestyle blog. Let’s be real-real, as a mother you are in survival mode more than you want to be– and that’s exactly the place where you often fail to make the “healthy” choices.

So, I have decided to use this blog to share all the good and the ugly facets of being a woman trying to be a good mom, a good wife, a good friend (you get the point), while eating clean and taking care of my body.

You can expect me to share more family-friendly recipes or clean food recommendations, yoga and workouts, stimulating activities for kids, mindfulness tips, and my positive parenting advice. Remember, I am no expert in any of these topics, but I’d love to share what works for me and hope you can take what benefits you.

❀️Be Healthy Mami


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