Diaper Bag & Stroller Packing List

Packing List

Does anyone else have a husband/partner that never seems to know what should go in the diaper bag? Or when you’re out and about, do you seem to always forget the one thing you actually need? This was the story of my life every time we left the house, until I decided to put together a cheat-sheet for us.

Another good piece of advice is to re-stock your diaper bag/stroller when you have a free moment after your last use. If you wait to do this until you have to be out the door, you will for sure miss something or be late.

If your stroller is limited in the storage department, you always grab some stroller hooks to hang your diaper bag from the handle. I like these.

Here is a list of my favorite products I never leave the house without:

Burts Bees Diaper Cream– It’s so thick & one of the few brands that actually stay on their bum.

BabyBum Cream Spatula– Because who wants diaper cream under their fingernails?

Munchkin Disposable Diaper Bags– I hate to leave my stinky diapers anywhere. Also serves as a wet bag for dirty clothes.

Boogie Wipes– Better than wipes because these have aloe which prevents dry skin & redness after blowing their noses 1,345,256 times.

Water Wipes– 0% alcohol, just water. It’s the best for just wiping your hands.

ThinkBaby Sunscreen SPF50– Because it’s fast absorbing, smells like melon, and its a 50 SPF protection.

Travel First Aid Kit- Hopefully you will not need to use it much, but if life happens- you will be prepared.

Bandolier Phone Case– I get so many compliments on mine. It’s pricey but I ALWAYS have my phone on me.

What are some of your must-have products? I LOVE getting recommendations from my fellow mommies. 😊