Snacking On-The-Go Essentials

I try to keep eating on the go as minimal as possible, mostly because it can get pretty messy and healthier options seem to be the messiest- but it’s necessary at times if  you want to live your life.

So if you must, here are a list of products I’ve used and personally recommend:

Skip Hop snack containers– 3 decently-sized containers, waterproof zipper pouch with ice pack included. Excellent for packing 1 protein, 1 carb & 1 fruit/veg. We use this if snacks will be served a little later and will need to keep cool for some time.

Skip Hop Baby Insulated 14-piece Bento Clix Mealtime Travel Kit, 3 Microwaveable Containers, Black

Zoli Stackable Food containers– These are perfect for packing pre-measured formula (has a funnell spout top to make it easier to pour), as well as snacks. They are little on the smaller side so you’ll need to cut up food to fit. But I love that these snack and do not spill.

Zoli "On-the-Go" Baby Bundle - 1 Formula & Snack Dispenser + 3 Lids

Blue Avocado Reusable Bags– A green alternative to those convenient plastic bags.

OmieBox– It’s a bit pricey at $50, but these are durable and they include everything you need. The built in thermos keeps your food warm, while the other compartments will not be affected by the temperature of the food in the thermos. It’s spill-proof so no more of the fruit juices spilling into the cucumbers! It checks all my boxes and I’m a happy mommy.

Snack  Tray for your stroller- All major stroller brands have them, buy them and use them! They keep your child entertained while you’re on the go, and the mess mostly contained.

Ubbi Snack Containers – These are great for eating while walking or sitting in the car. The handles make it easier for little hands to hold. This is one of the few brands that has a build in lid on their snack containers to keep the food fresh. I also love that the spill-proof barrier can be removed as well if your child does not need it.

Waterproof Bibs– These are the only bibs we have in our house. They are easy to wash & dry to reuse. And most importantly, they catch a lot of the food that would otherwise land of your toddler’s clothes, seat or your car.


    1. I can totally relate to that! Both my kids love to graze all day long. If you’re looking for some tips on getting them to eat less snacks & eat better during meals, I encourage you to read my blog post “Family Food Rules”. Thank you so much for reading this one- really appreciate mommy comments 🙂


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