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Hi. I’m Sofia and I’m a stay-at-home-mom to two beautiful little girls—Lily is two and Camila (Kah-mee-lah) is one. We also have a son, Harold Francisco, who was stillborn and would be 4 years old. Losing him has changed the course of my life. The unfulfilled desire to mother him, led me to put my career on hold when Lily was born and dedicate my life to raising our children full-time. I had a satisfying career in the corporate retail industry for over 15 years, but I couldn’t stand the thought of going to work everyday while a stranger cared for my child.

Becoming a parent is hard, but becoming a stay at home parent in undeniably so much harder. I absolutely respect parents that must balance work & family—because leaving your little ones at the care of someone else, is not an easy decision to make either. But on the other hand, being at home all day with tiny humans that take and take, with a lack of appreciation, is extremely mentally, physically, and emotionally draining.

Despite how unappealing I am making this out to be (and quite frankly, how close I’ve been to quitting), I am honestly living my dream life. My girls are thriving, and I have learned so much about being a SAHM—which has led me to start this blog. I have done a lot of research and have succeeded/failed many times at parenting. What I blog about are my personal opinions and experiences, and I do not intend to say that any of this is the right way.

You can expect to read about my approach/advice to many parenting topics, easy and healthy family recipes, and activities to do with your children. As the name of my blog implies, being healthy is one of my family’s core pillars (mentally, physically and emotionally) and you will see that throughout this blog.

Thank you for reading & Be Healthy Mami!


  1. I can relate to your loss, it does change you. The desire if holding him, kissing him, seeing him gyrgle in laughter. I lost mine 35 yrs ago (stillborn) and i still yearn for ALL that.


    1. Roseann, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss and thank you for sharing your story. I’ve learned now that this kind of loss is not just about losing a child, but also losing all the hopes and dreams that were never realized. We still celebrate his “birthday” and honor his life during infant loss awareness month– all are ways to keep his memory alive. I am currently working on a post about our stillborn story and hope you have a chance to read, all our babies (alive or not) deserve their stories to be told.


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